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5 minutes with Alexandre Birman

Interview Alexandre Birman

What inspired you for building your SS18 collection and can you describe it in a few words?

My main inspiration is the classic and timeless woman. I like to dress her with a pair of shoes because it can be as powerful as a pretty dress. I want to make her feel feminine and at the same time very confident.

I love sparks but it must be very sophisticated. Here is an excellent example (see the picture): I revisited the "Clarita" model by adding small Swarovski crystals with multiple colors, which we call "Aurora Borealis".

In this same inspiration, we have these beautiful knotted sandals made from metallic nappa (see the picture). The heel is elegant, feminine, and measures around 100mm. Despite this height, the shoes are very comfortable.

Finally, in a more casual style, I decided to work with denim in two of my models: first lace-up boots, then the iconic "Lolita" sandals. I love this sapphire color, navy blue and the declination of three blue tones (see the picture).

What’s the key model of the collection?

The key model is the Lolita which is this sandal here (see the picture). It is a classic for the brand. This shoe has been worn by many celebrities!

How has your work evolved since you began your own shoes label?

It has evolved a lot, mainly with the distribution. Nowadays, we are distributed in hundreds of countries and stores. To be now in the Biondini Paris' selection is a great achievement for us. We would love out saying that this is one of the best multi-brand shoes store in the world. It competes directly with the main e-commerces in terms of selection. Therefore, there are lots of things planned for the end of the year and after. A lot will come and I will share it with you later.

Each model has a feminine name: Dolores, Kittie, Lolita, Gaya... How do you choose these names?

With my creative team, we love to try to look at this through and to think about a woman who will be wearing the model. That is how we choose our names.

How is the SS18 Alexandre Birman’s Woman?

She is a committed woman, a working girl. And at the same time, she enjoys life and having fun...

"My main inspiration is the classic and timeless woman."
Alexandre Birman

Why Biondini Paris?

Biondini has the best selection in the world. When there is a brand in Biondini Paris it is because the brand is already established. So, I’m really lucky to be here seated next to the most renowned brands.

What are your favorite spots in Paris, like for having lunch, for party, and so on?

I love paris. As you know, I'm Brazilian. It has been more than 25 years since I come regularly in this capital, at least twice a year. Places I love the most? I love running so I like to participate in the big marathon of Paris. I also like to go to Hotel Costes because there is a very special atmosphere: it is a mix of fun and good food.

I also appreciate going to the Caviar Kaspia Café which is my favourite spot. I love staying at the Ritz which, after the reopening, is definitely the best hotel in Paris (even if I love the Bristol where I stayed for so many years).

Finally, I love places like Saint Germain. I was there with my father, the first time I came to Paris. I was fifteen years old. I always take a “salade niçoise” and a “bière pression”.

What’s your motto?

My motto in life? I would say that each day can be better than the day before.

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