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Stella McCartney

"Eclypse" Sneakers

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Rediscover the famous Eclypse sneakers this season, redesigned in multi-leather. This unique model brings a very modern edge to your look. Wear your pair with raw jeans to show off these trendy shoes.

Made in Italy.

71% polyester and 29% polyurethane.

Sole: 50 mm.


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Stella McCartney is worldly recognized for her complete vegan and ethical line using no leather or animal fur. Her convictions as well as her adjusted and very feminine style have seduced the fashion world for several years. Her new collection offers us denim materials as well as metallic shoes and bags. The wedges sandals are in the spotlight with the famous "Elyses" and new fluorescent signature tote bags are born, for a unique and modern style.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney has built a sophisticated, refined, feminine brand and above all a sustainable business. The highly committed fashion designer has redefined the world of fashion by creating seductive and innovative models.

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